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The best way to express technological innovation is a phrase that has a lot of harmony, but the truth is that technology is a typewriter, a brush or a chisel, but not hands or an idea.

As an engineer and designer I am able to build a reality in a short time. I can unite and harmonize teams, even motivate people. I can jump the breach of recklessness to the ecstasy of consequence. I can build technological cathedrals that respond to short, medium and long-term demands, but that doesn’t mean I’m an artist.

Let’s say I’m good at putting tools within the reach of those who have to use them. The show and the contents move through a concept on which I have not been able to articulate the appropriate lever. There are many techniques to achieve ecstasy but it is a reason where a person only has to be exceptional to be able to model it. This happened to Fredy Mercury for example. Who could turn the world upside down despite what he thought of him around him.

Experience builders provide the tools and protect the true protagonists, who are not only the artists, but also the kid who must press play when someone says “in video” because he is also part of the whole.


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