About us


Emilio G.Zuazo

Professional with more than 20 years of experience in production, exploitation and technology, both audiovisual and broadcast, leading multidisciplinary projects. Such as the New Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, Real Madrid TV, the World Cup in South Africa, and the audiovisual and broadcast direction of thousands of events of high media interest.

Passionate, simple, calm, intelligent and accustomed to pressure.

He created Audiovisuals at Real Madrid CF from scratch and actively participated in the design, production, operation and maintenance of the Club’s facilities and content, such as Real Madrid TV or Real Madrid Radio, and even dealing with the Digital Transformation.

Accustomed to leading diverse teams, he manages to motivate each one in a differential way so that they enhance their abilities and perform in the face of challenges.

From GZO projects are developed based on knowledge, experience and teamwork to help the Audiovisual, Broadcast, Radio and New Media Sector.

Values and Pillars


The experience is the result of the recognition of the penances. Having experience is not only having overcome challenges, but being aware of those that you have not overcome. I have had the opportunity to work in the world of sports, television, advertising, aeronautics and telecommunications.


Learning is a gift. It is part of the salary in companies. In order to learn you need TIME, OPPORTUNITY and MONEY. I have had the opportunity to obtain two MBAs, a postgraduate degree, a Telecom Engineering and a higher degree Module. ALL FOCUSED ON THE AV AND BROADCAST SECTOR


There is no experience or knowledge without a team.