We are technologically bilingual

Innovation is part of our DNA

Technology is an ephemeral language, constantly evolving, full of jargon and multiple interpretations.

It is our passion. Once we understand and internalize it, we discuss, share and implement it, putting the user at the center.

Technology is a typewriter and we know how to use this instrument effectively. Not only pressing each key but also using part of each key to make the appropriate composition in each case.

Innovation is sometimes a new version or application of technologies that we already know, other times they are redefinitions of existing concepts.

However, the technological leap we are experiencing is a change that transcends our society to provide it with new opportunities and challenges. Concepts such as IP, Office automation or Switches are an inevitable but already outdated basis.

Currently, the metaverse, Cryptocurrencies, Avatars, NFTs or quantum computing, are part of the most innovative panorama but the important thing is not to know it but to know its history, application and its implementation.

Artificial intelligence

Volumetric Video




Remote Production

Realization with virtual backgrounds of unity/unreal (without chroma key)

Virtual Perimeter Advertising

Always have the latest at hand

Innovation is part of our DNA. Innovating is synonymous with improving, optimizing and simplifying. And we are not alone. We maintain relationships with a large number of leading companies to keep up to date with the most innovative solutions in the technological portfolio and put them to work for us.

Featured Success Stories

Tactical content for training

Mix On Reality



Analyze the solution and adapt the usability to various sectors.

Results obtained

It was possible to adapt the solution to several new markets and present it in an efficient and simple way. The processing power and simplicity to give it unmatched capabilities for volumetric video recording.

Virtual perimeter advertising

Real Madrid C.F


COLLECTIVE: Audiovisual Project Management Team


Multiply income from Perimeter Advertising.

Results obtained

Revenues have multiplied and operations have been consolidated until a new revenue model has been created in the sports world.

The revolution of Audiovisual Production

A great example of Innovation is our collaboration with the mixonreality company to create volumetric videos and unique experiences that connect with your fans.