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Every project is unique

At GZO we develop the appropriate technological needs and opportunities for each client.

  • Scouting
  • Fan experience
  • Facilities maintenance
  • Facility operation
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Data analysis
  • High performance facilities
  • Sports training rooms
  • Video editing tools
  • tactical camera tools
  • Var
  • Gyms
  • Video edition
  • Player tracking
  • Video markers
  • Public address

Sports Scouting

Solutions for measurement, tracking, Artificial Intelligence, automatic execution, Data Analysis, recording, editing and presentation are the most common tools that must be simple and accessible for both coaches and athletes.

The Athlete has a very rigorous routine and beyond training and competition, he must live with effective and timely information.

Technology in this field is part of an ecosystem that allows teams to better understand their own evolution at an individual and gurupal level.

At certain times, moments that require a greater effort on the part of the Staff and the team must be attended to.

Fan Experience

Represents an angular view of the event. The Fan Experience concept correlates the different needs of the target audience with the available tools, from the idea of the event itself to the memory once it is over.

At GZO we understand the Fan Experience as a path with no return or end where the viewer is put at the center and the available tools are analysed, developed and adapted.

Technological Projects Management

Conducting a technological project in the sports field is a multidisciplinary challenge where the economic, sports, institutional and spectacular context are weighed.

Leading a technological project in this context requires a very important experience. The means is to anticipate the possible unforeseen events of the project and work taking care of the substance, the strategy and the form.

Facilities Maintenance

Developing the necessary action plan for technological installations is a fundamental piece. Projects that have not been defined with the appropriate coherence discharge their deficiencies in annual expenses, so defining a project must also entail the definition of the necessary services that must be coherently necessary.

Sporting events or meetings have endless possible incidents that must be treated with the appropriate guarantees. The work method and technical qualification of the team are essential to be effective in resolving incidents.

Facility Operation

Those infrastructures that for regulatory reasons must be carried out are considered necessary. However, many others are much more beneficial both organizationally and commercially.

To cushion the need for the different facilities and users, operators and equipment must be available that offer the necessary flexibility to offer the requested service with the appropriate guarantees. It is about valuing the technical capacity of the personnel and the equipment that are required for the correct performance of the work.

The result should be an improvement in quality, guarantee and flexibility due to the service offered together with the necessary equipment for the most typical operations of the installation.

Typically, these services, in addition to including the necessary equipment in leasing or renting mode, also include the necessary technical support.

The SaaS work model has spread from the world of software to other markets due to the rapid evolution of technology and avoiding excessive obsolescence.

The technology has a very high cost in its latest innovations, but the drop in price is also very important when these solutions cease to be novelty to present a new innovative and improved version.

It is at this point that a SaaS service is especially competitive.

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Featured Success Stories

Real Madrid C.F

sport scouting

COLLECTIVE: Football Directorate


Design, implement and maintain a Match and Training Collection and Analysis System adapted to the needs of the different football teams.

Results obtained

It allowed the Technical Bodies of the different teams to know and improve the performance of the players and carry out homogeneous studies and improve the capacities of the Technical Bodies.

Real Madrid C.F


COLLECTIVE: Technology and Systems Department


Create a series of information channels and broadcast TV programs through conventional systems, IPTV, Web and Mobile.

Results obtained

It was possible to issue personalized signals to customers according to the Support, with a personalized program for the public experience at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.