La vida en un reflejo:

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Today is my 45th birthday and I am going to allow myself a gift; a reflection on high

Many times I have been asked how I have been able to do everything I have done. Well, I’m going to share the secret.

My best version is not inside of me. It is in the reflection of the people with whom I share my passion and it is the response to the people I admire and who also coincide.

Loving and being loved are two issues that are linked to the meaning of life and allow me to mobilize. So, what a great moment to say that I have the best family in the world, the best friends and colleagues and that if I have come this far it is because I am the reflection of what others see in me. Thanks to all of you who listen to me and to all of you who give me the opportunity to listen to you.

In short, I consider myself the reflection of people who look at me with good eyes. A lucky person.

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